Surti Tobacco

Surti Tobacco

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Sameer & Co. is the home to the best quality 100% organic tobacco products. Feel free to choose from our wide range of surti tobacco products. 

What is Surti Tobacco?

Surti is the Hindi-regional name of tobacco which is also known as Khaini. Surti Tobacco is chewed and gives a pleasurable experience to the user. In the palm of the hand, a pinch of tobacco is inserted, followed by a little amount of slaked lime paste. The mixture is then rubbed vigorously with the thumb. Khaini is frequently manufactured by the user at the moment of use, although it is also commercially available.

While held in the mouth, it is sucked or devoured. The user may add areca nut to khaini on occasion. Khaini is commonly used in South Asia, particularly in the Indian subcontinent.

Best Place to get Surti Tobacco

Whether you like chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes, you must conduct a study on your chosen method of intake. When it comes to tobacco consumption, there are several possibilities. Before ingesting any product, you should be aware of its potential dangers and health concerns. Surti tobacco is the most popular in many parts of India.

Sameer and Co. is a must-visit if you’re looking for surti tobacco goods in India. They are a 46-year-old tobacco producer that offers the highest grade 100 percent organic tobacco.

There are several aspects to consider, ranging from the sort of goods you wish to purchase to the nation in which you will purchase them. However, equipped with the necessary information and understanding, you may confidently acquire khaini tobacco products. 

Sameer & Co will assist you to acquire the greatest quality khaini whether you buy it online or offline. We are a 46-year-old family-owned business that is farming tobacco since its inception. You can stay stress-free while buying anything from here. 

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