About Us

Sameer and Co established 1980, is a Kaimganj Distt- Farrukhabad-based family business and has grown organically over the years across India. Our founder, Aftab Hasan Khan is at the heart of the brand and inspires all that we do – our collection of products reflects his natural elegance and appreciation of fine quality, style, authenticity, and good living.

The Sameer and Co name are now synonymous with enjoyment, timeless style, good living, humility, and zest for life. Our spirit continues to live on through the like-minded people that enjoy our products all through India.

We invite you to savor the elegant and modern products of today. They represent a unique mix of exquisite craftsmanship, passionate dedication, and refinement, because, in our world, pure elegance is indeed timeless.

The enduring philosophy of our company defines the spirit of the brand, which places value on a taste for the finer things in life, open-mindedness, and the generous sharing of life‘s pleasures.