Mango Farming

Inspired by the teachings of Nature, Sameer and Co Mango Farms has been designed to promote Happiness & Peace amongst the residents. Sameer and Co Mango Farms welcome you to enjoy living amidst nature, wake up with the chirping of birds, the aroma of beautiful fruits, and views so naturally beautiful that you will love to spend a lifetime here. Our purpose behind developing these Sameer and Co Mango farms is to provide high-quality farmland to our customers with additional Mango trees plantation, where they can go and enjoy their day with family & friends

Mango farming is a process that requires a great deal of time, patience, and skill. It begins with the selection of the mangoes that will be used for planting. The chosen mangoes must be of the highest quality, without blemishes or defects. Once the mangoes have been selected, they are washed and then cut open so that the pit can be removed. The pits are then planted in soil that has been enriched with nutrients, and watered regularly. After several weeks, the mango trees begin to sprout and grow. Then we pruning trees and ensuring that they receive enough water and sunlight. After several months, the mangoes begin to ripen and are ready for harvest. Then we carefully pick the mangoes, wash them, and package them for sale. Mango farming can be a rewarding experience if done correctly.