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Curated To absolute perfection by expert an elegent range of products that will captivate discerning connoisseurs with its smooth aromas.
Organic Banana Production
Sameer and Co work with banana farmers, workers on plantations, and the banana trade to create more value
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Our Agro Products

Young and bold in the Pan masala online industry, Sameer and Co offer a contemporary tobacco range that surprises the senses with a warm and smooth sweetness and silky flair. Enter the world of organic and finely crafted tobacco products.


Kampla leaf contains highly addictive stimulant alkaloid nicotine as well as harmala alkaloids.


A finely crafted crush stem product prepared by steaming and rolling by experts. 

Why Choose Us?


Our experienced craftmanship in tobacco products makes us a top charter in Tobacco and Pan Masala Online India.

Age-Old Legacy

We are a 42-year-old premium quality tobacco company with an age old legacy of passed ancestry.

Premium Quality

Each product is made out of our premium quality, homegrown, and 100% organic tobacco.

No Additives

We have keen eyes to filter out every harmful chemical and additive that makes us the best choice for tobacco.

About Sameer&Co

Established in 1980, Sameer and Co. is a family business based in Kaimganj Distt- Farrukhabad. We, the No.1 Pan masala online India company, are synonymous with enjoyment, timeless style, good living, humility, and zest for life. The spirit of our business continues to live on through the like-minded people who continue to enjoy our products all over this country. 

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