From the lands of authentic Indian Banana trees by the
hands of an honest FARMER

Bananas are one of the delicious fruits under extreme care and strict protection.

They provide VITAMIN B6 and C, a lot of fiber, and POTASSIUM.

It has Tryptophan protein which converts into Serotonin, also called happy hormone.

Some Valuable benefits of consuming banana are:

  •  High in potassium, supporting heart function, blood pressure regulation, and muscle and nerve activity.
  • Promote healthy digestion and prevent constipation due to dietary fiber content.
  • Provide a quick and sustained energy boost through natural sugars, fiber, and carbohydrates.
  • Contribute to heart health by managing cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Contain tryptophan, which converts to serotonin, enhancing mood and promoting relaxation.

Also, it is easy to carry and consume which creates a demand worldwide.

100 Billion bananas are consumed every year

In India, 24,991 kilotons of bananas are consumed each year.

Every year there is an increasing demand for bananas, not for the brown ones but the SHINY YELLOW ones.

Produced using advanced tissue culture techniques, the bananas produced by us are top-quality bananas that’ll make your customers’ taste buds light up.

In our fields, we use DRIP IRRIGATION system to ensure water preservation while simultaneously providing all the nutrients in the correct amount, this also reduces water wastage.

The benefits of using this technique is that they are easy to take care of, with minimal wastage, less water intake and improved shelf life.

The tissues come from healthy parents tissues which make crops mature together and ease the process of harvesting and storage.

Storage can be expensive, other people use carbonate or chemicals to increase the ripening process which has harmful effects and is banned by the government.

Because the ripening of bananas takes a long time.

We use our own cold chambers with circulated ethylene gas at 10°C to expedite ripening.

This process is absolutely necessary to get bananas which:

  1. Don’t have any black spots on the peel: The spots come when they are left to ripen for a long duration
  2. To keep up with the demand: With huge demand for bananas all around, it is necessary to shorten the duration of ripening.
  3. No chemicals allowed: The government has banned the use of chemicals and carbonate to be used to ripen the bananas.

 Using these PROCESSES our BANANAS have:



  • We only deal with a minimum of  500 KG per order: Below this weight, the purchasing amount is extremely less which isn’t cost-effective for us.
  • We take 50% of advance payment for each order: This is crucial to filter out semi-interested and allow only honest people to do business with us. 

NOTE: Also, we encourage EVERYONE who is interested in doing business with us to VISIT US whenever you feel like it.

Here are the steps to do business with us:

  1. Call on our number directly between 10 am- 8 pm
  2. Discuss the specifics according to your situation
  3. An invoice will be prepared and sent to you including packaging, loading and transport costs
  4. An advance payment of 50% will be made
  5. Once the cargo has been loaded and details of the transportation have been shared, 40% will be paid then.
  6. The remaining 10% will be paid after the delivery of cargo has been completed (within 7 days)